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We are Postalzoom, Back in 2015 we started out on a mission to make direct mail easier to send without the need for a printer.

We believe in making a simple easy to use product for all users is powerful. Our mission has always been to allow for the SME market to be as effective as your corporate businesses and bring the price of entry down.

Our mission is to disrupt the status quo for sending direct mail of all kinds and seamlessly bring the offline and online world together for a better customer experience.

The future of direct mail is here and with Postalzoom the next few years is looking very exciting.

Meet the leadership team

Paul Goldsmith

I’ve been in the business and tech industry for over 20 years. I have a passion for connectivity. When not involved in printing and tech I love watching most sports and playing a bit of football albiet badly, pizza and most of all spending time with my wife and 3 children.

Dave Clements

Hi, I’m Dave and I have been in IT for around 25 years as a developer. Having worked in IT for years I really enjoy working with new features and development and am a stickler for good security. I love a good meal, Lego and my two cats.

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